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Hire The Hosmer Mountain Boys for your next event!

Booking 2023 now.


Cathy Day



The Hosmer Mountain Boys will provide the sound system as needed.  Requests in advance for specific songs are possible if they can be adapted to the traditional Bluegrass style and advance notice given. 



The band will always perform in full band attire, dark suits in the winter and light suits in the summer.  If you prefer a splash of color to match your event, just inquire for complementing string ties to be worn.



Although we really prefer to perform as a four-piece band, we can adapt to a 2 or 3 piece band for smaller venues where cost is a factor.  The "per man" price will be the same, but with fewer band members, you can still have a show.  This may work nice for a vineyard or coffee house or corner of a restaurant.  In this case, Keegan and Simon are the 2 piece band, and we build from there.



The Hosmer Mountain Boys have successfully held a "Band Scramble" and it was a lot of fun for everyone!  It is a cross between an open mic and karaoke, where the attending musicians sign up to be randomly placed within a band.  Jams break out around the room and 30 minutes later, the bands perform (and compete) on stage with guidance and help from the Hosmer Mountain Boys.  Try a band scramble at your next open music night!

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