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Summer's almost gone, yes, winter's coming on

We just updated the band schedule section of the website with new dates, a past gigs section, and photos from our first summer with 9 gigs!

We appreciate every person who encouraged us and hired us and took a chance on a band that looks good but doesn't have a CD out yet! Thankfully, our friends, family, and fans have been a tremendous support to help us get gigs and get the word out. Probably half our gigs are coming in from word of mouth, such as someone in the audience who heard us and then soon after, we get a call. Thank YOU!

Band startup is hard, one reason is there isn't a lot of money to get merch, but it's coming in... We were able to give out stickers at Thomas Point, and if you got one there, be SURE to come back and see us for ANOTHER one, this time vinyl! The Hosmer Mountain Boy T-Shirts are in, some with Glow-in-the-dark printing.

And the big news is that this winter we will be recording our first project. More to come on that soon!


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